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Steppa is a cyber security and intelligence company based in Canada and UAE (Dubai) with a wide array of services and products aimed to individuals, organizations, law enforcement and government agencies. Experts indicate that the threats of cyber and physical attacks have increased with the adoption of smart technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, Industry 4.0, Operational Technology (OT), Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), Social Media Networks, among others. Therefore, in order to protect against such technologies and systems against cyber and physical threats, Steppa offers solutions, products, and services in the following areas: Threat Intel, Risk Management, Vulnerability Assessment, and Security Penetration Testing, IT Audit, Training and Education, Research and Development (R&D), Consulting and Operations Security. Steppa is one of the best (top) cybersecurity and intelligence companies in Dubai, UAE.

About us

Steppa (Stippa Security Technologies FZE) is a cyber security and intelligence organization that leverages state-of-the-art security practices, strategies, technologies and tools to share Intel and help anyone from beginners to experts expand their knowledge and capabilities to solve security problems.

DDoS Detection and Mitigation Services

DDoS is still the most prominent threat to cybersecurity professionals. We at Steppa offer a complex suite of DDoS detection and mitigation services. We can help you fingerprint the threat and measure the impact of a DDoS attack on your organization. Taking into consideration the capability of your network infrastructure and available services, we come up with effective mitigation and protection mechanisms that are guaranteed to keep you operational.

Vulnerability and Risk Assessments

We can regularly assess the vulnerability of your network and applications and provide you with risk assessment reports and appropriate solutions. In this context, you can use these insights to better defend against the latest cyber security threats and to optimize the overall security of your organization. Furthermore, you can test specific aspects of your network and servers, such as Domain Name System (DNS), against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, Reflection and Amplification DDoS activities.

Development and Deployment

With us, you can learn how to develop and deploy secure mobile applications, communications systems, network- and cloud-based solutions, including sensors (traps), malware sandbox, darknet, honeypot, intrusion detection systems (IDS), intrusion prevention systems (IPS) and firewalls. Using our service, you can report, notify, alert and detect threats and analyze malicious communication to protect your network, industrial control system, and cyber-physical infrastructure security against large-scale threats such as DDoS and Command and Control (C&C) botnets.

Big Data Analytics

We offer you scalable, secure and easily deployable solutions for Hadoop to solve challenging data storage and processing requirements. We help you accelerate time to value via Big Data analytics and informatics without disrupting operations. Let us apply cutting-edge data mining, machine learning and time-series distributed algorithms to provide you with insights on your data. You will become able to discover APTs and continuous cyber-attack patterns and trends against your organization. Explore our data-driven service today to make decisions and take actions based on your network information, social media, and worldwide events and blogs.

On-demand Consultants

Our cyber security consultants are available on-demand both online and on-site. A consultant provides you with guidance and advice on cyber security policy decision-making, helping you develop a sound strategic plan that fully aligns with your needs. Our experts also deliver tutorials and presentations on fundamental concepts in the cyber security field. Our team has experienced the success of many clients in the past years. We provide consulting services in various areas including smart and green technologies, industrial control and cyber-physical systems, network architecture design, risk assessment, international cyber conflicts, cyber policies for decision making, among others.

Real-time Intelligence

When a cyber-attack occurs, you will not be able to fix what you can’t see. Steppa employs a single agent on endpoints - internal or external, roaming or in a fixed location - for a real-time view that allows you to perceive vulnerabilities and threats, and instantly take action to avoid damage. As such, by running our service, we will process any computer-readable data in real-time and provide your organization with on-the-fly and historical (queryable) intelligence via customizable cyber security dashboards, secure websites, and platforms.


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Our clients frequently recommend our services to their friends and business partners, praising our in-depth industry knowledge, personal approach to customer service and unprecedented reliability.
Professionals report 62% increase of insider threats over the last few years. Building on our innovative vision, steppa provides an end-to-end control over your network.
Risk free
We build our business on trust, offering the option to try our services for free for limited time. You only pay after we get your approval. We match any price on the market if it fits our service criteria.

our Products and Services

Whether you are a manager, executive or chief executive officer (CEO) with non-technical IT skills and expertise, or even if you are a chief information security officer (CISO) or a chief technology officer (CTO), our team of experts will make sure to promptly follow-up on your professional or personal requests.


  1. Intelligence, Data Sharing and SIEM Solution
    Download real cyber security data in real-time. Such intelligence can be used for building your own business or service, conduct research, and decision making. Contact us for real-life demo.
  2. Risk Assessment and Management
    Assess and prepare your organization against internal and external cyber security factors, human errors, and physical threats. Estimate your readiness level and build capabilities to defend and mitigate future attacks.
  3. Cyber Security Consulting
    Uncover how consulting services can support you and overcome your security challenges and better defend your business. We follow-up on your cyber security concerns, provide you multiple solutions, train you and deploy such solutions based on your business requirements.

  4. Training and Education
    Educated employees can reduce cyber security incidents by 90%. Educate and spread situation awareness among your team via our training and education program at steppa. We tailor end-user specific and subject specific security training sessions and courses as per your business requirements. We have 50 training sessions available for you.

  5. Research and Development (R&D)
    Allow our data scientists and engineers at steppa to deploy innovative and more efficient solutions for your business.
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Cyber Intelligence Packages

We provide you social media intelligence, security vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, public discovery and real-time intelligence via reports, alerts via emails, and dynamic dashboards. We search for your Organization Name, IP adddress, Email address, Phone number, or anything you can find on the cyber space. This service is to protect your business, your name, your reputation and brand online.

Social Media Intelligence

Multi Languages: Yes
Delieverable: Raw Data + Dashboard (Admin)
Data Download Rate: Real-time
Server Type: Dedicated or Private Cloud
Space and Specs:
16 GB / 6 CPUs | 320 GB SSD | 6 TB transfer
Support: 24/7
Notifications: Email Alerts
Report Summary and Expert Opinion: Monthly
Social Media Consulting: Yes
SIEM and other Tools Integration: Yes
Your logo customization: Yes
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Number of Target: 8 IP Addresses
Number of Trials: Unlimited
Scan Type: Full Scan
Delieverable: Detailed Report + Remediations (Solutions) + Expert Opinion
Support: 24/7
Expert and Professional Consulting: Yes
SIEM and other Tools Integration: Yes
Your logo customization: Yes
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Public Discovery

Number of Target: 1 Target
Number of Trials: Unlimited
Scan Type: Full Scan
Delieverable: Raw Data + Detailed Report + Remediations (Solutions) + Expert Opinion
Support: 24/7
Expert and Professional Consulting: Yes
Email Alerts/Notifications: Yes
All Time Monitoring: Yes
SIEM and other Tools Integration: Yes
Your logo customization: Yes
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