IT Audit and Compliance

What is IT Audit and Compliance?

IT Audit and Compliance is an essential element in risk and quality management. For instance, Steppa's IT audit and compliance service allows your business to be compliant with, but not limited, the following standards:

- General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
- ISO27001:2013 Information Security Management System
- ISO 22301 Business continuity management systems
- PCI-DSS v3.2 Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard
- NIST CSF – Cyber Security Framework
- IEC62443 / ISA99 – Cyber Security in Industrial Control Systems
- SWIFT Customer Security Controls Framework
- UAE’s National Cyber Risk Management Framework (NCRMF)
- UAE - National Electronic Security Authority (NESA / SIA) – Information Assurance Standard
- Security Industry Regulatory Agency Standards
- Dubai Electronic Security Center – Information Security Regulation Version 2 (ISR)
- Saudi Arabia Monetary Authority (SAMA) – Cyber Security Framework
- Abu Dhabi Department of Health – Healthcare Information and Cyber Security Standard
- National Cyber security Authority, Saudi Arabia – Essential Cyber security Controls
- Abu Dhabi Data Management Standard – ADSIC / ADSSSA
- Dubai Data Law – DDE
- among others.

What's the best approach during the IT audit and compliance process?

In this context, the information security audit at Steppa is an efficient way to do the following:

- Identify business readiness level at a non-technical level
- Identify vulnerabilities at the technical level
- Import all known and identified risks into Steppa's GRC Risk Management tool.
- Prioritize risks and tasks
- Automate the process of managing risk within your team
- Send notifications and follow-up emails on pending tasksGenerate reports and risk trends
- Control and reduce the risk associated to your business

As a result, you can use our Steppa Risk Management Tool to help managing and auditing your business in a systematic and automated manners.

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