Cyber Security as a Service

Steppa CSaaS (Cyber Security as a Service): Sometime security is expensive. Therefore, enjoy our on-demand cyber security service; Steppa CSaaS. 
Would you like to develop a new cyber security solution or capability and are not sure how to start? You might not have a security professional in your organization, with Steppa, no need to hire a full-time security staff, simply pay for the service, on demand via our Steppa's CSaaS. As such, our experts plan, analyze, develop and deploy cyber security solutions based on state-of-the-art cyber security models. We guide you through the development using proven programming approaches and techniques, open sources technologies and other essentials of modern development.
This service can help  you develop a cyber security program by focusing on the following elements: implementation, analytics and detection, monitoring, threat assessment, escalation, response and reporting, awareness, training and education. For example, this service provides guidelines for building cyber weapons, performing real-time cyber terrorism surveillance and other operations such as profiling suspicious Internet users and characterization of threats via intelligence. Some of our products include Intelligence Report and Analytics, Dashboards, Monitoring and Detection Systems, in addition to training courses and programs.
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