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Big Data is becoming gold. Imagine how much impact you can have if you share security data in real-time. Steppa provides a tool that you can download for intelligence gathering, data sharing and information exchange. Subscribe to Steppa's security data feeds today and download real security data from multiple countries. We provide data based on the following:


  • - Network and Darknet Data: This data is for identifying network-based threats such as DDoS, Amplification attempts, scanning and reconnaissance probing activities, Internet of things (IoT) data and other cyber events such as mis-configuration within network.


  • - Industrial Control Systems and SCADA Data: This data contains suspicious and malicious activities against real hardware (physical) systems in the following fields: transmission of electricity, transportation of gas and oil in pipelines, water distribution, and other smart and modern systems.


  • - Intrusions Activities: This data has information on large-scale scanners' activities and threats' attempts.


  • - Social Media Feeds: This data is for business intelligence and decision making based on trends from social media data such as Twitter.


  • - Malware Samples and Intelligence: This data has information on infected machines, repositories of stolen information, blacklisted domains and IP addresses, C&C information, etc.


  • - DDoS Activities: This data is for identifying DDoS and Amplification attempts.


In addition to the above feeds, we provide alerts, notifications, and data about intrusions. If you are looking for specific data, please write to us and we will get back to you with a custom solution. We can build capabilities on any computer-readable data. All these feeds are available for researchers, academic institutions, organizations, and government entities.
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