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Malware Solution
Steppa malware solution is a malware analysis and intel platform, which can process 33,000 malware samples on a daily basis. The aim is to analyze, detect, and protect against malware. This platform helps in generating reports and analytics to infer malware behaviors and activities such as command and control centers (C&C), and infected machines/servers, among others....
Steppa SIEM

Leverage steppa SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) to visualize, infer, analyze and respond to cyber activities in real-time.

Steppa Detection and Prevention

Real-time and automated detection and prevention of intrusions, malware, scans, DDoS and other threats against servers, websites, and critical assets such as IoT and SCADA infrastructure. Brand and reputation protection.

Risk Management Tool

Assess and prepare your business against cyber security threats and attacks

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