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The term "social media intelligence" (SMI) refers to a group of tools and services. The latter enable businesses to respond to social signals, evaluate social data points, and assess patterns based on user requirements. One can use social media intelligence to obtain information from social media platforms using both intrusive and non-intrusive methods from open and closed social networks.

Research demonstrates that extremist groups are misusing a variety of social media platforms on the Internet. This includes Twitter, YouTube, and discussion forums, to create virtual communities with shared goals. Twitter and other well-known microblogging platforms are used as a real-time platform for information sharing and communication during the planning and mobilization of events related to civil unrest.

This social media intelligence works on top of Steppa Cyber Intel tool to provide analytics regarding worldwide social media analytics. The extracted insights are useful information for decision-makers and business intelligence. Furthermore, this intel is perfect for celebrities, Very Important Person (VIP), social media data seekers, superstars, bloggers, politicians, marketers, leads generators, government agencies, media, news channels, researchers, scientists, etc. Discover daily social media news stories from both conventional and digital sources in one convenient location. Contact us for further information on social media feeds & analytics.

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