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Steppa's Cyber Security Training and Education Program: Do you know that, regardless of how much security your organization has to protect itself against cyber and physical threats such as computer attacks, your assets will always be at a risk?
Let’s assume you have built the most secure system in the world for your organization. Now, regardless of how technologically secure you are, unfortunately, even the smallest of employee mistakes could infect your entire internal network. Such threats can originate from the various sources - from infected emails to social engineering attacks via phone calls, among many others. Let's stick to the facts, scientists have proven that the majority (80%) of cyber incidents within an organization is driven by employee mistakes and ignorance. Moreover, educated employees can decrease the number of security incidents by almost 90%. Clearly, the need to reduce your organization’s security risk, while enhancing your employee and business effectiveness, is highly recommended. Therefore, Steppa has built more than fifty (50) interactive training modules. Such modules are based on ten years of experience in teaching. Everything is tailored to your organization and employee requirements. Our certified and professional educators at Steppa are at a doctorate level.  They have built straight-to-the-point modules on various topics for everyone. These include fundamental modules such as Email and Password Security, Mobile and Social Media Security. Furthermore, technical modules such as Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, Industry 4.0, Social Media and Infrastructure Security are included. Last but not least, management modules such as Security Essentials for Executives, Security Risk Management, Governance, and Compliance.
Are you an organization, an institution, a government entity or a law enforcement agency that would like to protect your assets with regards to people, data, policies, and technology? If so, you’re surely interested in one or more of these modules. Perhaps you want to develop your own training program. Contact us now to join the thousands of people who have already benefited from Steppa’s Cyber Security Training and Education Services. Certifications and on-premise training options are also available.
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