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Public Discovery
Why Public Discovery for Intelligence Gathering?
Hackers use the Internet to identify vulnerabilities or even to publish sensitive information about you or your business [Source]. Such activities can cause a disaster for your business, brand name, and reputation. Therefore, in order to reduce such threats, Steppa generates public discovery reports based on intelligence. Public discovery...
Social Media Intelligence

Social Media Analytics for Business Intelligence, Brand and Identify Protection. This service is for business, celebrities, bloggers, media, sales, marketing & more.

IT Audit and Compliance

Steppa IT auditors allow your business to be compliant with national and international standards.

Vulnerability Assessment and Pentest

Why Vulnerability Assessment and Pentest?

Vulnerability Assessment and Pentest (penetration testing) are probably the most used security evaluation techniques. Because everything starts from within, allow our cybersecurity ethical hackers and investigators to conduct security penetration testing and evaluate your organization's security readiness. In fact, cyber-attacks are now costing businesses 200k USD on average, as per a CNBC...

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