Malware Analysis Solution

Why Malware Analysis Solution?

Malware is still the number one threat to Cyber Security. As such, Steppa malware analysis solution is an Intel platform, which can process 33,000 malware samples on a daily basis. The aim is to analyze, detect, and protect against malware activities. In fact, this solution uses mainly two entities, namely, steppa malware threat Intel feed and sandbox technology. The thousands of malware are processed automatically by Steppa threat Intel and fed to the sandbox technology, which also automate the process of malware analysis. This solution is provided on the cloud or on-premise.

This platform helps in generating reports and analytics to infer malware behaviors and activities such as command and control centers (C&C), infected machines/servers, among others. In addition, its full automation feature allows beginners (students) to professionals (R&D labs and researchers) to investigate, detect, and protect against malware targeting  block chain, critical infrastructure, Industry 4.0, cyber-physical systems, IoT, IIoT and OT control systems such as SCADA, PLCs, among others.

Case Studies:

Our clients and researchers use our solution to investigate the following areas:

- Malware targeting Block Chain technologies and bitcoin
- Malware of Cyber Physical Systems and OT technologies
- Identification of Botnet and Command & Control Centers
- Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Techniques to identify new Malware attack trends
- Among others


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