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Depending on your tolerance for cold trench coat might not be enough! Indeed, autumn in South Korea brings with it some of the most majestic sceneries the country has to offer. So you would definitely need some down jackets if you have them, thermal wear (they work miracles), and gloves so that your fingers don’t freeze D: Scarves too if you have them, because much of your body heat can be lost through the neck as well so it’s important to keep it warm there (: Hi!

— 10 best things to do in Maldives & Top things to do in Maldives, Alishan trip blog — The fullest Alishan travel guide on how to make an Alishan day trip from Taipei. Your email address will not be published. The main street is lined by restaurants, street food stalls and shops catering to tourists, but wander into the alleys and you’ll bask in the rustic charm of this area.

The road connecting Seoul forest to the Hangang river bank is also on the list of places that are chosen by many visitors. However, the temperature drops quickly and by mid-October it can be windy and cold enough for a jacket. Hi there! However, there’s just something about autumn in Korea that’s so different, it’s hard to explain. Autumn, from September to late November, is a pleasant season, especially in the month of October, when the maximum temperatures are around 20/22 °C (68/72 °F).

A city in the west of South Korea, Jeonju is fast gaining prominence as a tourist hotspot.

North of Busan’s city centre, Geumgang Park sits on the foot of Geumjeong Mountain. Around the end of October until the first half of November every year is always the best time to visit Korea in autumn to watching the autumn leaves turn color and fall foliage. I'm on a mission to see the world as consciously as I can. 1112, or you could give your legs a stretch and go through the path on foot. You can visit here and take a walk in Nakseongdae Park on Mount Gwanaksan, admire the yellow, red foliage and flowers along the road. Or can you please help us to get to Naejangsan as I think that’s the only one in full bloom during our visit and which park do we need to check to experience the full bloom of autumn in South Korea. As this is a very popular tourist attraction, come early in the morning to avoid the crowds. should be wearing. You WILL be around for kimjang (kimchi making) season though! Offering a similar autumn sight are the other palaces in Seoul, such as Deoksugung, Gyeonghuigung, Changgyeonggung and Changdeokgung. It’s also considered one of the Three Jewel Temples with Songgwangsa near Suncheon and Tongdosa near Yangsan.

South Korea has a temperate climate with four distinct seasons.

Phone: +82 2-500-7338. ^^. Thank you.

I still feel confused about what to wear in Korea! How to get to Beomeosa Temple: Take the Busan subway to Beomeosa Station (Exit 5 or Exit 7), then ride bus number 90 from Samsin Bus Stop. Check full itinerary, details, and prices here.

It depends on where you’re at. On the way to the mountain, you will enjoy the colorful nature of autumn and the small houses hidden under the foothills like the watercolor paintings that make your heart race. In springtime, cherry blossoms pop up all over, while in autumn, the shades of red, orange and yellow take over by storm. If you need help figuring out your itinerary, I have a post on four ways to spend two weeks in Korea as well as the ultimate one month itinerary and a super efficient one week guide. Korean temples are all painting and decorated according to dancheong (단청), which roughly translates to cinnabar and blue-green. When to go: End October to Early November. Summer clothes would probably be all out by then, unless F21 etc is have some remaining clear out sale or something D: Hi dear, I am going to Busan and Jeju Island on 24/10 – 2/11? Autumn in Korea begins from up in mountains, from those in the north like Seoraksan at the end of September, before making an appearance in the central areas like Seoul, Incheon and Gyeongju in mid-October. All rights reserved. I also have seasonal guides for spring, summer, and winter in addition to this autumn one. Do not worry about the Samcheong-dong area near the old village, so you will think this area have nothing to shopping or eating except souvenirs. Many colours, many “designs”, but essentially the same thing. Check their site for more info. There’s also a man-made lake where you can rent boats to paddle.

Hello! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. I’ll be in Seoul 31st Oct till 8th November – any idea what will the temperature be like? Don’t they give you a thrill–several thrills? If you’re visiting during Chuseok, see if there are any events for foreigners, especially if it includes songpyeon! When the weather turns to autumn, everywhere in Korea is tinted with a yellow – red color of leaves is characteristic of maple trees, ginkgo trees. Attractions around: World Cup Park, Nanji Hangang Park. So, when is autumn in korea?

To top it off, autumn in Korea falls between October to November, making it ideal for the traveller who wants to avoid the school vacation crowd.

Hello, sorry for being late! When to go: End October to Early November. Phone: +82 2-771-9951. Take a stroll around the lake for a natural red carpet, or rent a duck boat for a slow cruise.

(: It depends on how thick it is! Walking slowly on the small streets of Samcheong-dong on a sunny afternoon of autumn, occasionally passing through the shops that broadcast “romantic” songs, you will feel like you are the main character in a Music video or a movie romantic of Korea.

Will a cashmere cardigan be enough? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The brief summer lasts from July to August and is the hottest time of the year in South Korea.

Hi I’ll be visiting seoul from 30th of September to 9 October.

Autumn is lovely as it is not too hot and not too cold as well, although the winter frost can start as early as October.

Complete your trip by renting a hanbok and having a photo shoot that captures the beauty of the hanok homes and the colourful canopy surrounding them.

It might actually be the only place in Chungcheongnam-do that I’ve been… Check the full itinerary here, One of my favorite places!

Check full itinerary here.

If you’re coming in October, gear up for pleasantly warm daytime temperatures which hover in the low 20 degrees Celsius.

To fully enjoy the fall colors, check out the fall foliage forecast (2019 update now available) and use the map to plan your trip.You’ll find detailed itineraries and travel guides for each fall destination.

Start your discovery at the Incheon Grand Park, an oasis of unlikely calm in the midst of an urban jungle. In addition, it … Address: Samcheong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea, The Deoksugung road is more brilliant than ever with the yellow ginkgo trees storeys interleaved with red maple trees. I’m making notes for my trip in Nov.

Autumn in Korea, with its invigorating air and pure blue skies – this is the most favorite Korean season.

I did a tour with all three and the Gangchon Rail Bike.
This Buddhist temple complex houses an impressive statue of Buddha looking out to the sea, as well as stone terraces, pagodas and bridges.

However I’m having a headache on what I should wear when I am over there. You can also explore the surrounding tourist attractions such as Namsan Botanical Garden, Goethe Institute, Namdaemun Market. How to get to Incheon Grand Park: Take the Seoul subway to Songnae Station (Exit 1), then ride bus number 103, 16-1 or 909 bound for Incheon Grand Park. By using this service and related content, you agree to the use of cookies for analytics, personalised content and ads.

( Log Out /  Plan on going to Seoul for 2 weeks during the beginning of September. Autumn is rather short but still quite enjoyable. If you do the 2D1N tour, you’ll also go to Donggung Palace and Wolji Pond on Day 1, and then on Day 2, you’ll go to Gyochon Village and Woljeonggyo, the Gyeognangbuk-do Forest Environment Research Institute, and Ungok Seowon Academy. Autumn in Korea starts in September and is still warm and humid. Autumn here is the time when crops are collected and new ones like barley and wheat are planted. Welcome to my travel blog! Which city is the most famous for it? A coastal city in the North Gyeongsang Province, Gyeongju can be visited as a day trip from Busan but if you have the time, it’s also worth a few days on its own. It is also the ideal place to watch the sunset in the red leaves forest and panoramic views of the whole city of Seoul. Hello! MANY THANKS! Yonsei University - Daedong Festival + AKARAKA.
Disembark at Jeondong Cathedral (Hanok Village) bus stop. Your best bet is to look at the fall foliage forecast map I have above and decide from there :) You’ll probably be a bit too early for Naejangsan with your dates, but around Seoul should be pretty colorful! They were already turned when I went a few years ago in mid October, and if you look at my chart, even the latest dates for fall foliage are further south and peak in early November! The first snow came in mid-November last year, and it was averaging 5 degs then. tour with only the Garden of the Morning Calm and Nami Island.

You don’t even have to go to a park to see it, even the streets along the road look like they’re from a storybook… The leaves changes colours around mid-October… I’ll just upload some photos I took so that you can see them for yourselves , This was taken along the streets of Hongdae in late Oct .

From Seoul, you can do a day tour or a 2D1N tour. I would really appreciate if you can help me with mine ! Since I’m travelling and with carry on only, I don’t want to carry heavy coasts. So down in Namhae, there’s a little German village, and I guess they celebrate Oktoberfest there! This is an area with many giant trees such as pines, yew, and ginkgo. The three streets listed below have gorgeous ginkgo trees, fashion boutiques and art coffee shops that make every moment of your autumn is so romantic, hard to fade in mind. With a length of more than 900m, Deoksugung Doldam-gil road is located next to the stone walls of the Deoksugung Palace, becoming the ideal spot for couples to stroll every evening. Which is better?jade garden or the garden of morning calm?

Bugaksan is a popular tourist spot in Seoul. The weather is cooler and dryer, but still pleasantly warm and sunny. Address: 102 Daegongwongwangjang-ro, Makgye-dong, Gwacheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea >< Hope you enjoyed the weather, it was a pretty good week ^^. You can also see semi-wildlife animals in the zoo of the park. From Jeonju Bus Terminal, take a direct bus to Jeongeup Bus Terminal. Oof, chances are very, very slim! Picture a riot of colours bathing in the sunlight! The coat that all the girls (my age) are wearing. Originally built in the seventh century, this temple is adorned with pavilions, gates and hermitages that have seen the changing of kingdoms and dynasties. Now, let’s Living Nomads introduces to visitors the fall foliage Korea 2019 (Korea autumn foliage 2019) with the fall foliage forecast Korea 2019 (Korea autumn 2019 forecast, Korea autumn foliage 2019 forecast, Korea fall foliage forecast 2019) and 16 best place to see autumn leaves in Korea including best place to visit in Korea during autumn (best places to visit in south Korea during autumn). Summer in Korea is pure torture. It really depends on the conditions this year, depending on how fast it gets cold.

Hours: 9AM–9PM HOW?! Andong’s big event each year is the Mask Festival (which is not in the village itself but in a different park). Check the fully itinerary here. Odaesan is in Gwangwon-do, so it’ll change colors pretty early.

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