batman vs black panther prep

share. Stops at Clayface, nothing much BP could do to him. Logan is more accustomed anywhere, while the other two will be fine, they can adapt (I mean they all can really). Make it neutral cause BP has the edge right now. Battle takes place in Black Panther's jungle. If u don’t know how he other suits kill bp you need help, Agility: Bp hands down but won’t be useful in a fight with someone with better martial arts then you, The Hellbat beat the Eradicator with Lois lane piloting it. Black Panther can use ships more advanced and more numerous than anything DCEU Batman has, and his vibranium technology is just too powerful. Batman 8/10, Round 2: without prep time it’s gonna be Black Panther definitely. He could use prep to become bone-claw Wolverine, and then he couldn't lose. Also, bats having access to anti vibranium is kinda out there.... @thatoneguy887: batman states it negates all magic for 24 hours, and that is acid that is eating through his costume the anti vibraniam phases through it on the subatomic level these work differently. 1 Month prep. B) Full Knowledge during prep How does this go? Based on the OP, this is a 12 hour pre battle between post-Crisis Batman and Hudlin era T'Challa. I'm assuming you didn't read where I said electricity didn't work on him anymore? Black panther with out his armour and technology is weak and in the doom wars he even says he’s grown dependent and through out the comic he does nothing but plot how to beat doom. Some of the amazonians abilities stat wise come from their magic if I'm remembering correctly. 1 Interlude 2 Black Panther 3 Batman 4 Death Battle 5 Results 6 Original Track 7 Trivia (*Cues: Wiz & Boomstick - Brandon Yates*) Wiz: Predators.

Built the justice buster that has countermeasures for the entire justice league and even has miniature suns shrunk by the atom to fit in the knuckles,, Built the insider suit that replicated the main justice league members abilities except super strength,, Created a cloning machine easily with no failed clones, Spider-Man maximum clonage all failed clones with what 2 day life spans, Recreated the Lazarus pit with chemical formula from monks so whoever said Batman can’t make acid to burn through bps armour is stupid and while he didn’t make the Lazarus pit from scratch the actual creation on the molecules would’ve required various chemical reactions that would have to be done by a master of chemistry people doing chemistry in year 12 will understand or just such up organic chemistry,, And has taken down Deathstroke in the Ikon suit most of you might not know what Deathstrokes Ikon suit is but it can take punches from rebirth superman and is said to be virtually indestructible, The fact he can beat Deathstroke with a suit that I’d put above bps should be enough to prove he’ll win this fight. Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links. Doludes ability to prep is a meme at this point. Eradicator can hurt superman, Batman who’s blood thirsty rips black panther in two, Batman also carries sonic weaponry vibraniums weakness and sonic weaponry has also shown to hurts the ears of anyone who has eaten of the heart shaped herb, As for the scan watch the black panther movie Klaus sonic disrupter made a hole in bps armour before regenerating, Batman has a continuous sonic disruptor here’s a scan,, Good lord you best hope supermans off world during this fight because Batman still has a gadget that calls him, There’s a lot more but can’t be stuffed at this point. Or Ra's above Deathstroke? suit. Today we will be pitting the two most black wearing characters in the comicbook world....Or, if that came out wrong (which, yeah it probably did) the two whom dress up like animals. @Rasarima: Electricity is moot. Round 2: Pre-New 52 Comic Batman vs Comic Black Panther, without Pre-Time for both. Logan is more accustomed anywhere, while the other two will be fine, they can adapt (I mean they all can really). Prep Battle:Batman vs. Black Panther vs. Deathstroke vs. Wolverine. Black Panther.......... it is his jungle so his freaking country pwns them. Anyone who believes Batman has a real chance believes that because they believe in santa clause and the Easter Bunny etc. Others Clayfaces.

They are on the same level as far as strength goes but T’Challa is probably a bit better on average, and he does have way better agility, but Bruce still has solidly better stats in every other area, particularly wherein speed is concerned - T’Challa’s scaling is hugely questionable at best, and his quantifiable feats aren’t that amazing.

Pre-King of the Dead Panther (so just his normal physical stats).

Some retards gonna say how does insider suit beat Bp, Batman turns invisible and infinite mass punches bp and it doesn’t even have to be infinite mass punch, bullets can cause bps armour to blow up so super sonic punch is enough. -Black Panther are not familiar with Batman's Villains,as the same with Batman's Villains, -Black Panther have access to his weapons (wakandan tech) and vehicles,as the same to the villains, - Interval of 20 hours between each fight, Round 6::Prometheus (the original,not Chad Walker who lost to him in JLA / Avengers), Please,read about the powers and abilities of Batman's villains, before giving their opinions.

But it's layout is completely different. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Because batman with prep i am pretty sure he can even solo justice league who are far stronger than black panther, If its random encouter i still go with batman because of his feats. Battle takes place in Black Panther's jungle.

Fire is a very easy element he can trow at clayface and solidfy him, or eletricity. @Rasarima: @thanobomb1124: Sorry guy,but i put Basil Karlo because he is the most powerful than any Clayfaces 't have weakness against water (Hidroman never gonna defeat him),he can change his shape in any form (weapons,people,animals..),Bio fission,can change his size several times, and addition has the ability to melt objects by just looking at them. Bruce wayne 1 vote(s) 14.3% Tchalla 6 vote(s) 85.7% Thread Status: Not open for further replies. Fire and Water doesn't work on him and even in Cassius and Preston Payne,this just work in Matthew Hagen,Todd Russel,Johnny Williams and Sondra Fuller. He stops for sure at Prometheus though. Bruce is, honestly, way more skilled, versatile, and adaptable as well. Batman created kryptonite for darkseid and new gods called radon and killed darkseid with a radon bullet. If he enter in contact with land around him,he become more stronger,using the environmental against the opponent. To put it simply Batman is also a better detective as stated before Batman can tell if a person has a tongue by the way his fist collides with there face. While Batman with prep is a meme he usually has quite a while and information to work off but Dr Dooms prep is more often or not the meme level of bullshit and has stated quite a few times that Dr Doom is Always prepared. Not all magic for 24. There is one other showing where Dr.Death says a door is missile proof, but after Bruce throws him through the door he says he might be wrong about the door. Equally skilled to bats. While Batman may have the better exosuit Black Panther has considerably more resources available, has better tech in general, is the King of arguably the most powerful nation on the plane Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.
Black panther without prep would lose to hydroman and clayface. These would be the 2 times I know of where batman's punch was compared to a missile.

They each have access to all the technology at her disposal.

The new battle settings for this fight will be in a jungle similar to Black Panther's jungle. Clayface is not THAT good! But, it shouldn't be dismissed. They can partially damage parts of them, but that doesn’t put them close. Batman fought superman in the injustice comics with only strength and durability equipised, superman still had the speed, flight and other hax but Batman won using martial arts. Who takes it? he was smart enough to take a skin sample of the 3 Clayfaces and made ​​a chemical combination to use in himself to become the Ultimate Clayface and adding his actor skills. The new battle settings for this fight will be in a jungle similar to Black Panther's jungle. Also note that if Batman uses any of his suitsblack panther dies immediately such as Hellbat or justice buster or insider. -Black Panther are not familiar with Batman's Villains,as the same with Batman's Villains-Black Panther have access to his weapons (wakandan tech) and @Static Shock: And with prep Black Panther loses to Hydroman in Fantastic Four 548.

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