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The less learned had to make do with a cheaper head covering: […] and the aforementioned tradespeople, who aren’t permitted to wear a shtreimel, may also not attend synagogue on the Sabbath and festivals wearing any hat besides […] a spodik. The Russian legislation peaked in mid-century, having been expanded to prohibit – among other things – beards, sidelocks, silk clothing, long jackets, and fur headdresses. More recently, celebrities from Johnny Depp to Rihanna and Madonna have sported it.

His attempts to “reform” his Jewish subjects included the demand that they choose between two styles of dress: German (including a short jacket) and Russian (a long jacket and a fur hat).

In short, what makes Hollaenderski’s Hasid identifiable as such isn’t his fur hat.

One theory is that the “Chofetz Chaim,” a treatise on Jewish ethics and laws by the influential Belarussian rabbi Israel Meir Kagan, proclaimed that it’s proper to wear an extra head covering at a time of prayer. The Shtreimels are a status symbol, and they’re made by Shtreimel Machers (Yiddish for Shtreimel makers). The most widely seen shtreimel is typically worn by the Hasidim of Galicia, Romania, and Hungary, and was worn by Lithuanian Jews up until the 20th century. So it was that the “Russian” fur hat and long coat became Jewish clothing, worn by the arch-traditionalists to differentiate themselves from everyone else. Jerusalem, circa 1900 Photo: Eric and Edith Matson Collection, Library of Congress. ), Fedora Hat Even if he didn’t think Jewish law “obligated” him to wear a shtreimel, the hat had become so entrenched in Hasidic custom that he felt he couldn’t appear in public on the Sabbath without one.

Hasidic fur hats come in different styles. Early Hasidic leaders left few portraits and descriptions of themselves, nor did their followers depict them. Selentino Orthodox Jewish Hasidic Authentic Beaver Hat High/Low Crown All Sizes By 1937, though, in North America at least, the Hasid and his shtreimel seemed inseparable.

The First Shtreimel.

In Israel, due to the economic circumstances of most members of the Hasidic community in that country, the vast majority of shtreimel-wearers own only one shtreimel. This is based on a letter received by Breslover Rabbi Yisroel Ber Odesser on which the cryptic kabbalistic phrase appeared. Hatam Sofer), and Rabbi Mordekhai Banet of Nikolsburg.

The Israeli legislature has been debating the legality of the local fur trade since 2009, when the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Law (Amendment 8) was submitted to the Knesset. Evidently, for 18th- and 19th-century rabbis, a shtreimel went with the job. All the shtreimelekh mentioned so far have no connection to Hasidism. They’re called up-hats because the hat brim faces up rather than down. $69.99. Like many other communal bylaws – in Boskovice and elsewhere – this rule was intended to prevent low-income households from overspending on women’s apparel due to social pressure.

Biber Hats. [1] In Jerusalem, the shtreimel is also worn by Litvak Jews (non-Hasidim who belong to the original Ashkenazi community of Jerusalem, also known as Perushim).

My hat size is 57 or 57.5. Similar to the Biber hats above, they can also have a more felt or furry texture, with felt being more predominant. Now, the material on cheaper ones is a knock-off alternative.Hoiche – High-Crowned.An interesting video about Hasidic hats: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEq0EpXqJaoIf I missed any hat types, please comment below. Worn by Hasidic Jews on weekdays (Shabbos, Holidays and weddings are for Shtreimels), Biber (Beaver) hats can be smooth or textured and high or flat (flat being the style worn by Satmar). Rabbi Yehezkel Landau (a.k.a. Some Satmar Hasidim—especially those from Rabbinical families—wear the Hoiche Biber Hat, which is common in other Hasidic sects.Unmarried Satmar Hasidim who wear a Shtoffen Hat during the week, will wear a Platchige Biber Hat on Shabbos, unless they are Sephardim or from South America.Here is a Satmar Hasid wearing a Shtoffen Hat: A few more types to note: a Gerrer/Breslov Up-Hat, a Hamburg, a Winter Kuchma, Toldos Aharon White Knitted Yarmulke, and a Sadigura Shtreimel. In 1946, the rabbi wrote to one of his American followers, who was trying to obtain a visa for him: I have no shtreimel for the Sabbath and have so far fulfilled that obligation with a borrowed shtreimel. The first source relates to Rabbi Dov Ber (d. 1772), the Maggid (Preacher) of Mezritch (today Międzyrzec Korecki), one of the Baal Shem Tov’s successors. Here is a brief guide to the various Hasidic hats. Hasidim originating from Congress Poland wear a high shtreimel (often called a spodik). Stand on top of their head? At least one maker creates shtreimelach with 42 tails, symbolizing the 42-letter Divine Name. Thus, even such humble foods as gala (calves’-foot jelly, also known as ptcha), onions, and kasha are transformed into Sabbath “delicacies,” and even animal tails become a crown – in the form of shtreimelekh.

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