homemade eggnog without alcohol

Keeps in the fridge for 3 days (although eggnog never sticks around in our house). The main point is to heat it to steaming but DO NOT boil. For any kids or non-drinkers, leave the eggnog as is. Unfortunately, it won't work and the increased heat will just cook the egg mixture. This homemade eggnog has cooked yolks, but the whites are raw. It only takes a minute or so to whip the cream with an electric mixer.
Another option is bourbon. Egg Yolks - 2. Then, while whisking, slowly pour in the cold milk-egg mixture. Holiday Eggnog Recipe – Eggnog without Alcohol. You may use store bought whipped cream, but homemade is super easy and sooooo much better.

Your guests will absolutely notice the difference. While tempting, avoid turning up the heat to speed this process up.

3 cups (720ml) whole milk. Serve eggnog in chilled cups or glasses and garnish with a sprinkle of nutmeg. For any adults who do choose to partake in alcohol, add liquor to individual mugs or half the batch. Be patient. You will want to keep this rich and creamy eggnog on hand all through the holidays.

Whisk about 1 cup of the hot milk mixture into the egg mixture, then pour the milk-egg mixture back into the saucepan. Gluten-Free Double-Chocolate Black Bean Brownies.

Heat the milk and 3/4 cup of the cream in a medium saucepan over medium heat until the liquid starts to steam; remove from the heat. Cloves - 3 or use ⅛ tsp ground cloves. Another option is to make a big batch. Eggs contain fat soluble vitamins and lots of B vitamins. If you prefer, you could try a mix of dark rum and cognac. Once the mixture has gotten to the thickness level, strain mixture through a fine sieve into a large bowl to remove any accidental small cooked bits of egg. Carefully pour the mixture into a glass pitcher, decanter, or container and cover with a lid or plastic wrap. If anyone is adding alcohol to their glass, make sure to leave some room. Sugar - ⅓ cup.

Grated fresh nutmeg, to serve. Make your next holiday celebration extra special with homemade eggnog. If you have a lot of drinkers, it may be helpful to use two types of cups or add a cute garnish to the boozy eggnogs so that no one gets confused. Homemade eggnog nutrition.

Log in. Combine eggs, egg yolks, sugar, and salt in a heavy 3-or 4-quart pan, whisking until well-combined. Then pour all of the egg/sugar … You will want to keep this rich and creamy eggnog on hand all through the holidays. So it’s very important that you use the freshest, best quality eggs you can find. (Nutrition information is calculated using an ingredient database and should be considered an estimate. And here are some of the nutritious things inside: Great balance of carbs, fat, and protein. Remove the saucepan from the heat, and stir in the vanilla and nutmeg. When making the custard, keep in mind it will not be very thick. All rights reserved. Return the saucepan to medium heat, and cook, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon, until the mixture is thick enough to coat the back of the spoon and a thermometer reads 165 degrees F, about 5 minutes. The beverage will need at least 4 hours or up to 3 days before finishing.

How to make eggnog: Start by whisking the egg yolk and sugar together in a small bowl. Sign up for the Recipe of the Day Newsletter Privacy Policy. This version is kid-friendly but can be spiked with a little rum or vodka for adults.

Refrigerate this egg custard mixture to fully chill the eggnog. Eggs are also a great source of Omega-3s (for brain health) and lecithin (for liver and skin). This should take about 45 to 60 minutes. Consume at your own risk. Nutmeg has a high concentration of manganese, which is wonderful for the blood among other benefits (. By using The Spruce Eats, you accept our, Spiked Eggnog With Brandy, Bourbon, or Rum, Coquito: Puerto Rican No-Egg Eggnog With Rum, Tom & Jerry Recipe: A Traditional Warm Milk Punch, 12 Holiday Mocktail Recipes for the Family, The 65 Best Christmas Desserts of All Time. Milk - 1¼ cup.

Get easy-to-follow, delicious recipes delivered right to your inbox. Eggnog is basically a thin custard sauce thickened with egg yolks. Since this is non-alcoholic eggnog, the kids will enjoy it as much as the adults. There is no need to fear raw eggs in eggnog. Whisk together the eggs, egg yolks, sugar and a pinch of salt in a medium bowl. Copyright 2015 Television Food Network, G.P. The eggnog should be creamy and thicker than heavy cream. Nutmeg - ½ tsp. Great balance of carbs, fat, and protein. Strain the liquid through a fine mesh strainer into a medium bowl, and let it cool at room temperature until it is no longer hot, about 1 hour. Pinch of salt.

In a large heavy saucepan stir together

Slowly whisk in about 1/4 of the hot milk into the egg/sugar mixture. In this recipe, the eggs are gently cooked to kill any potential bacteria in this non-alcoholic eggnog. Continue whisking while pouring milk in a slow, steady stream until completely incorporated. It will thicken slightly and coat the spoon lightly, but the egg whites and cream are what really thickens the mixture. If you want to know how to make eggnog alcoholic, our recipe already includes a splash of bourbon and rum, but we also have instructions for how to make eggnog without alcohol. Then, in a saucepan over medium-high heat, combine cream, milk, salt, and nutmeg and stir the mixture until it just reaches a simmer… 1 tbsp vanilla extract. This post may contain affiliate links, which help keep this content free. 1/4 teaspoon freshly ground nutmeg, plus more for sprinkling, Finely grated lemon zest, for serving, optional. Vanilla Essence - 1 tsp. ), The Spruce Eats uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Brandy is the most traditional alcoholic add-in for eggnog. Consuming raw and lightly-cooked eggs poses a risk for food-borne illness. In this recipe, the eggs are gently cooked to kill any potential bacteria in this non-alcoholic eggnog. Peggy Trowbridge Filippone is a writer who develops approachable recipes for home cooks. Add the vanilla extract and nutmeg, stirring to combine. Here’s the ingredients list: Whole milk, eggs , organic sugar, whipping cream (with maple syrup), vanilla extract and nutmeg.

Turn on the burner to lowest possible heat setting. Not too shabby!

When ready to serve, pour heavy cream into a bowl and whip until it forms soft peaks.

1/4 cup heavy cream (whipped to soft peaks). 4 large egg yolks. Another option is to make a big batch. There is no need to fear raw eggs in eggnog. Cinnamon Powder - ⅛ tsp Instructions. Since its made with eggs, many home chefs may fear drinking raw eggs. Your email address will not be published. Her recipes range from Grandma’s favorites to the latest food trends. Place pan on burner and stir mixture continuously until an ​instant-read thermometer reaches 160 F and the mixture thickens enough to coat the back of a spoon.

Fold whipped cream into cold custard mixture until combined. Pick your favorite dark-colored alcohol if you want a boozy beverage.
Homemade eggnog is actually really good for you! Serve with a light sprinkle of nutmeg and lemon zest if using. Since this is non-alcoholic eggnog, the kids will enjoy it as much as the adults. ½ cup (100g) caster sugar. © 2020 Discovery or its subsidiaries and affiliates.

All rights reserved. Cream - ¾ cup. Whisk about 1 cup of the hot milk mixture into the egg mixture, then pour the milk-egg mixture back into the saucepan.

Ingredients. When ready to serve, whip the remaining 3/4 cup cream with an electric mixer in a large bowl to medium peaks. Refrigerate until cold, about 2 hours up to 3 days. 1 cup (240ml) double/heavy cream.

For many holiday and Christmas celebrations, eggnog is an essential festive beverage.

Milk and whipped cream are great sources of calcium and healthy fats.

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