how to write matrimonial profile for girl by parents

I am 5 feet and 10 inches in height and very slim. Creating a perfect profile requires some creativity & a little brain storming. After all the proof of your description is in the photo.

To start with, some of the things are standard & have drop downs from which you need [ … Similarly, write about what you expect to see in your future partner in terms of their personality and interests.

Check out these sample profile descriptions for a divorced woman with a child and a handicapped man. The two meet and interact with each other, sometimes more than once, and let their respective families know whether they find the other person suitable for marriage.

Include your photograph: If possible, embed your profile photo in the biodata format.

Scroll down to see examples of how descriptive information can be written for your biodata for marriage. This biodata format comes with a kundli/horoscope.

Please use the descriptive partner preference samples below in addition to the basic expectations such as religion/caste, professional/education background, horoscope match, food habits, financial status to name a few.

Write a second letter to the other parent or parent and spouse afterward.

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The best strategy for describing your profession when writing biodata for marriage should be to focus on what you do at work (in addition to who you work for), provide an indication of your commitment to work-life balance, and describe in a few lines your expectation in terms of the potential match’s career. Learn how to create an attractive biodata for marriage. Contrary to perceptions, I am an artist who is also a devout Hindu! See more ideas about Bio data for marriage, Marriage biodata format, Marriage.

Every design pattern, symbol, and colour is a representation of the religious and social customs associated with the religion. Write a covering note: When you send your biodata, write a covering note.

That’s why your biodata for marriage is very important.

Pick a format: You can use a Word document to create your biodata. Not getting responses on Jeevansathi? Most people expect to create their biodata for marriage in the English language. 3. Get thought-provoking updates on marriage, love and culture.

I am very keen on pursuing my career in building startups and have a fairly hectic schedule. Here are a few samples: Email format: Parent forwarding a marriage biodata to another parent. Reading is yet another passion that I pursue whenever I find the time.

Don’t you want to stand out from a sea of biodata written by parents or siblings who actually may not have any idea about the needs and the expectations of their children or siblings?

Marriage Profile Tips. 6. This is a great way to weed out people that don’t meet your basic criteria. Embracing this strategy may get you responses but you will end up disappointing people who may then jump to a conclusion that you look nothing like what your biodata described! On the out set greet them and say that you are glad to find the probable bride/bride groom’s profile is matching well with the concerned profile. This is necessary for the prospective partner to get to know you before you decide to meet. Please share the biodata of your son/daughter as well. Here is an example of how a movie lover shares his interest in movies: “I love watching diverse movies from around the world.


All profiles are manually screened and a valid phone number is required to register.

An alliance or marriage is then decided if both families find each other suitable. Writing a profile for marriage is way different from writing a job profile. Dear Sir/Madam, Here is my biodata. These cookies do not store any personal information. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. We know that your privacy is of upmost importance, which is why iMarriages was the first matrimonial company to invest in full site wide SSL encryption. Here is a sample to give you an idea how your matrimonial biodata should be. Get useful tips to write a matrimonial advertisement for newspaper with step by step guides for publishing your matrimonial ad in all popular newspapers. Parents may not know how to create an attractive biodata or maybe clueless about their children’s personality or expectations. Don’t try to write anything that will make you sound desperate.

So if the woman reading this is traditional, religious and generally a “good girl” according to her parents, she may find this profile very different and curious.

Check your spelling and grammar: If you are writing in English, consider using Grammarly to check spelling and grammar.

This a detailed biodata of a Muslim boy in a 2-page format.

We created in-depth guides for men and women to walk you through different aspects of creating a compelling marriage biodata. Our site includes quite a bit of content, so if you're having an issue finding what you're looking for, go on ahead and use that search feature there! Email format: Sending a biodata directly to the girl’s father. The covering note should be used even when you are sending your biodata via WhatsApp. This is a straightforward description that is to the point and elegantly describes the personality of the man. In addition to the Kundli, this biodata has a second page dedicated to sharing family details.

What Really Happens On The First Night of Marriage?

Copy About Myself and Expectations sections or download our Hindu biodata template. Originally from Hyderabad, I have been living in Chennai for over 10 years.

Having a physical handicap is also not something that you can control and you should not be embarrassed about it. Bonus Tip! 6789 Quail Hill Pkwy, Suite 211 Irvine CA 92603. In Hindus, there are additional factors, such as Gotra, Kuldevata, Rashi, Nad.

This is a great way to get positive responses. We created handcrafted Sindhi marriage biodata format for download. I end up travelling a lot to meet my customers. When talking about expectations, it’s better to either say “looking for a tall girl/boy” or “someone who is at least 5’5″ tall“. This type of profile description in your biodata for marriage is bound to attract career-oriented women who wouldn’t mind frequent travel and probably are in the same boat. The purpose of writing biodata for marriage is to showcase your personality and specify what you are looking for in the other person. It can happen to anyone. Just make sure your face is completely visible and you are not wearing sunglasses or a hat. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies.

Begin your letter by introducing yourselves as their daughter’s future in-laws. Why would women ignore this biodata for marriage (assuming the other aspects of the biodata are also attractive)?

I am also open to a simple wedding ceremony devoid of all the pomp and glitter. A biodata saves you time and effort in meeting people who may not even meet your basic requirements such as a religion, caste or social status. You should stand out, showcase your personality and create curiosity in the person reading your profile. Tamil Marriage Biodata Format – Download Word Templates for Free!

In an arranged marriage, parents … First know who created the profile and address them accordingly. At the same time, I like to unwind during the weekends and love spending time with my family. Employ a professional photographer or get it done properly with help from your family and friends. I love the surprises that spring up on my travels and love meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds. Parents may not know how to create an, Check out our 17 practical tips for taking an awesome matrimonial profile photograph. The format can be simple or you can make it sophisticated.

He provides an in-depth description of himself, his family, and his expectations of his future bride. Having a great profile photograph can help you much more than words. At the same time, the profile description is not silly and highlights great qualities such as willingness to learn and be patient. My friends say I am a colourful character and love to hang around with me. A marriage biodata communicates who you are and your background to a prospective match. I am responding to the newspaper matrimonial ad for your daughter. If you want a more detailed Jain marriage biodata, you can find it here. Some of us see marriage as an opportunity to improve social status and gain more wealth or financial security. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. He/she is a at and is currently based out of .

2. Find out how you can create an attractive Jeevansathi profile that will help you stand out from other boring profiles and get more positive responses.

Most of them look like a job resume and are devoid of any emotion. Professional Information• Job Status: (working, unemployed, searching or student)• Job Description: (government job, private company, proprietor or business)• Job Profile: (your position in the office)• Job Timings: (mention working hours and shifts)• Annual Income:• Name of the Company: Family Details• Father’s Name: • Qualification:• Job Description:• Mother’s Name: • Qualification:• Job Description:(mention if your parents are separated and/or remarried)• Brother’s or/and Sister’s Name:• Qualification:• Job Description:(mention if they are married, unmarried, divorced and/or remarried)• Family Structure: (nuclear, joint)• Number of members in the family: Contact Details• Address:• Permanent Address:• Phone No:• Mobile No:• E-mail Id:• Fax No: Expectations(mention what qualification, qualities, profession, etc., you would prefer in your to-be-spouse). Download FREE Word doc templates, copy sample biodata text to write about yourself and expectations.


If you are wheelchair bound, don’t insist on marrying only a wheelchair-bound person, unless you have a specific reason for it. COMPLETE MARRIAGE BIODATA OF A YOUNG BUSINESSMAN.

Will be happy to share more details once mutual interest is established. Why is this biodata profile description a winner? It should be neat and readable. Looking for someone who can be supportive of my career choice and also have a career of her own.”. This sample profile comes under the “cosmopolitan” category as he does not believe in astrology / Kundli / horoscope.

Mentioning your height in your biodata is easy.

Looking for Tamil marriage biodata? In an arranged marriage, parents introduce a potential partner to their son/daughter.

Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly.

This is a biodata for marriage of a Hindu boy.

I come from a progressive family, and we are not orthodox or religious. Sign up to receive the latest and greatest articles from our site automatically each week (give or take)...right to your inbox. When you forward your biodata for marriage via email or WhatsApp, make sure you include a brief covering note. Write in a language you are good at: First choose a language in which you will create your biodata.

Definitely avoid typing the information in an email or via a WhatsApp message. You may be attending a job interview, you may be walking into a store, or you may approach a stranger for directions when you are lost, people end up deciding if you are a likeable person or not in a fraction of a second. If not, at least attach a profile photograph.

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