strategic cyber threat intelligence

Home • Resources • Blog • What is Cyber Threat Intelligence? Have we identified our digital “level of presence” and are we actively monitoring that presence for fraud risks or cyber threat events? Have any of our partners or those in our supply chain suffered a cyber-attack? 2020 ICS Cyber Security Conference | USA [Oct. 19-22], 2020 Singapore ICS Cyber Security Conference [VIRTUAL- June 16-18, 2020], 2020 CISO Forum: September 23-24, 2020 - A Virtual Event, Virtual Event Series - Security Summit Online Events by SecurityWeek. Armed with strategic CTI you can direct and/or re-direct cybersecurity efforts and investments to ensure they are in line with business priorities. Certainly there is value to all three levels of CTI - strategic, operational and tactical - but as a starting point you should aim to  “see the forest for the trees.” Without that big picture view, you end up in a reactive cybersecurity stance, which is never-ending. Intelligence analysis relies on a rigorous way of thinking that uses structured analytical techniques to ensure biases, mindsets, and uncertainties are identified and managed. What Do You Ask Your Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst? The briefing is a succinct review of the preceding week’s top cyber threat trends and developments, accompanied by key takeaways for security and leadership teams. GET CYBER INTELLIGENCE STRAIGHT TO YOUR INBOX. I think Forrester makes a good argument here. Looking for Malware in All the Wrong Places? Information on the cyber threats permeating our digital environments is widely available. Ever since Mandiant broke the veritable geopolitical glass ceiling with its report on APT1, the industry has been on an unending quest to reach to holy grail of CTI: its strategic dimensions. This level of intel should help inform business decisions regarding cyber risks and the … Cyber threat intelligence has proved beneficial to every level of state, local, tribal, and territorial (SLTT) government entities from senior executives, such as Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), police chiefs, and policy makers, to those in the field, such as information technology specialists and law enforcement officers. While cyber risk ranked as the most important risk for both public and private boards, it was among the most challenging risks for those boards to oversee (EisnerAmper’s 2017 Board of Directors Survey). Rather than being developed in an end-to-end process, the development of intelligence is a circular process, referred to as the intelligence cycle. Operational intelligence assesses specific, potential incidents related to events, investigations, and/or activities, and provides insights that can guide and support response operations. In addition, it provides value for other experts as well, such as security officers, accountants, and terrorism and criminal analysts. Podcast: Have You Password-Protected Your Thermost... Unlocking Value Through Cyber Due Diligence: Key C... 7 Characteristics of an Effective Cyber Incident R... © S-RM Intelligence and Risk Consulting 2020. If not, why not? It informs decision and policy makers on broad or long-term issues and/or provides a timely warning of threats. In my last article, I walked through a mind map that shows the many facets of cyber threat intelligence and how they all should fit into your overall security strategy and program. Strategic intelligence tends to be the hardest form to generate.

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