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Appledore Tallships, Bay City, MI – The only tall ships on Lake Huron –  the 85-foot, two-masted schooner Appledore IV and 65-foot , two-masted schooner Aplledore V offer a variety of day and evening  sails from its port in Bay City in Michigan. At re-created forts, meet the adventurers who shaped the Upper Midwest. In Chicago, the 148-foot four-masted topsail schooner Windy offers six or more sailings a day with themes, including pirates, maritime history and fireworks. In Kenosha, the 77-foot two-masted topsail schooner Red Witch, a replica of a 19th-century Great Lakes working schooner, sails from Kenosha Harbor or Southport Marina, depending on weather conditions. Bay Shore Drive

Michigan Maritime Museum, South Haven, MI – The Maritime Museum offers educational and passenger sails aboard the 101-foot Friends Good Will. They know that in order to really immerse themselves in the Windjammer experience, longer is better. Find out when there’ll be tall ships events in 2020 or discover your next opportunity to sail in 2020 right here on Tall Ships Network.
A northwest Wisconsin resort town keeps a frontier art alive. Great Lakes Islands – Lake Michigan and Lake Superior, Beaver Island – Lake Michigan’s Hidden Gem, Michigan Air Line Trail – Michigan Bicycle Trails, Wadhams to Avoca Trail – Michigan Bicycle Trails, Hart-Montague Bike Trail – Michigan Bicycle Trails, Silver Lake – Michigan Recreation Hot Spot. Parks open for casual viewing; no deck tours11:00 p.m. Your spyglass is wrong this time; it’s literally just a bunch of tall ships for you to ogle at. In the southwest Michigan town of South Haven, the 101-foot Friends Good Will, a replica of an 1810 square-topsail sloop, sails Lake Michigan from the Michigan Maritime Museum. It’s a grey blustery day on the pier as I write this.

Finally, we are very excited to introduce our first Michigan’s Historic and Haunted Lighthouses Cruise (September 29 – October 03; $839 per person)!
On Lake Superior, Superior Odyssey's Coaster II, a 58-foot topsail schooner built in 1933, sails out of Marquette. That’s why some of our loyal shipmates have been sailing with us for 20+ years! Enjoy a leisurely trip on Lake Erie aboard the When and If Schooner. Parks closed, 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. Pancakes with Pirates at Veterans Memorial Park10:00 a.m.Festival opens to the public; deck tours and activities begin MMF: Norfolk Broads (WP) MMF: Roane (VMP) ROS: Cirque Surya (VMP)10:15 a.m. SC: Lee Murdock – Songs of the Great Lakes (VMP)11:00 a.m. MMF: 3 Sheets to the Wind (WP) MMF: El Pony Pisador (VMP) ROS: The Whip Show (VMP)11:15 a.m. SC: Dale Fowler – Tall Ships of Michigan (VMP)11:30 a.m. ROS: Cirque Surya (VMP)12:00 p.m. MMF: Roane (WP) MMF: Sąsiedzi (VMP) ROS: Pirates Noir (VMP)12:15 p.m. SC: Gary & Jackie – Singing the Good Old Songs (VMP)12:30 p.m. ROS: Unveiled Belly Dance (VMP)1:00 p.m. MMF: Za Horyzontem (WP) MMF: Bocca Musica (VMP) ROS: Unveiled Belly Dance (VMP)1:15 p.m. SC: Lee Murdock – Songs of the Great Lakes (VMP)1:30 p.m. ROS: Ring of Fire (VMP), 2:00 p.m. MMF: Norfolk Broads (WP) MMF: Sąsiedzi (VMP)2:15 p.m. SC: Dale Fowler – Tall Ships of Michigan (VMP) ROS: Battle for Castle McGuffin (VMP)3:00 p.m. MMF: El Pony Pisador (WP) MMF: 3 Sheets to the Wind (VMP) ROS: Cirque Surya (VMP)3:15 p.m. SC: Gary & Jackie – Singing the Good Old Songs (VMP)3:30 p.m. ROS: The Whip Show (VMP)4:00 p.m. MMF: Za Horyzontem (WP) MMF: Tom Mason and the Blue Buccaneers (VMP) ROS: Ring of Fire (VMP)4:15 p.m. SC: Lee Murdock – Songs of the Great Lakes (VMP)5:00 p.m. Festival closes to the public5:00 – 11:00 p.m. Ballads and Brews at “The Quarterdeck” in Veterans Memorial Park9:00 – 11:00 p.m. MidwestWeekends.com — Your Travel Guide to the Upper Midwest. This one is a passenger favorite and usually books early. schooner that was known as the fastest on the Great Lakes between 1874 and 1885, when it was under command of or itinerary. Generally, they are short 2-hour cruises.

In Madelia, the Jesse James Gang met its match — again. After 150 years, the Civil War still haunts the western part of the state, long terrorized by jayhawkers and bushwackers. Tours vary with the weather.

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