future trends in sports

The new competitive advantage won’t come to the teams that are capable of gathering the most data. As more organizations dedicate resources to the quantitative side of sports, from advanced statistical analysis and predictive modeling to the booming field of tracking performance with biometric devices, the playing field has leveled.

2. 7 Future Trends In Sport. For one San Francisco Giants game, he said, “people were buying six-pack, eight-pack tickets, a few innings into a game, and leaving the bar they were at to walk into the ballpark.” Russ Stanley, the Giants’ managing vice president of ticket sales, says the team sees a 10% no-show rate at an average game. Sport in 2020: 10 predictions of what we'll be playing and watching, Watching sport in 2020: the TV spectator takes control. All rights reserved. 6. They are developing apps that can enrich your visit by offering you a mid-game seat upgrade, for instance, or helping you get on the court during the half-time entertainment. The rising popularity of eSports. 1. Not too long ago, said Steve Fainaru, senior writer for ESPN and co-author of League of Denial, concussions were seen as little more than the brain’s equivalent of a stubbed toe, “a mostly benign injury that merited little scientific research.” In the past few years, however, hundreds of millions of dollars have gone into improving diagnosis and treatment, and there has been a flood of research addressing the very real and very visible public health concern of head trauma. “That’s where the big gaps are,” he said.
Innovating to grow participation in sport and physical activity. Virtual Training is Becoming Reality.

Brian Kopp, Catapult Sports’ president of North America, estimated that only 5% of pro and college athletes are using some sort of biomechanical devices, and even then it’s almost entirely in training, as most leagues are only beginning to consider allowing them on the field during games.
Big business. (In fact, one recent survey showed 37% of fans bought tickets on their smartphones or tablets.).

“We already gather so much data, but we’re not necessarily finding the right story to present to the player or the coach,” said Richard Heal, chief technology officer of Sparta Software Corp. “We want to get coaches back to coaching.

For example, the team offers season ticket holders a percentage of their ticket price back if they allow the team to resell the seats. “All of them have failed; all of them have been terrible.”, #NFL QB and Stanford grad Trent Edwards showing @strivrlabs #VirtualReality demo #SportsBiz pic.twitter.com/rTTMwPa0MA. 5. More women in sport! I think ocular motor analytics is going to be a huge thing in the future.”, The mobile revolution has come to sports ticketing. “99.9% of NBA fans globally will never be able to sit courtside,” he said. Audiences will have more opportunities to engage with their favourite teams and players – eg, Hawthorn Football Club recently worked with Adidas for fans to design a guernsey (aka jersey). Since parents won’t want their kids playing certain sports if there’s a high risk of injury or illness to the players, sporting leagues will increasingly use wearable tech to monitor athletes’ health, fitness, energy levels, etc. “In my opinion, this is where the solution lies, and this is where the innovation is happening,” Anderson said. What We Can Learn From E-commerce in China, If You Want to Change the World, You Need Power: Part 1, It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It: How to Communicate Power, How Narcissistic Leaders Destroy from Within, Earthquakes President Dave Kaval: How Major League Soccer Is Like a Silicon Valley Startup, Five Key Trends That Are Driving the Business of Sports. We have too many coaches spending too much time in spreadsheets, collating data.”.

“There’s a person living inside that body,” Verstegen said. Some of the sports world’s top business leaders shared their insights at Stanford GSB’s inaugural Sports Innovation Conference. These apps are also easing some of the pain points of visiting the stadium in person. As we look toward 2020, we believe that five trends will have the biggest impact on athletes, team and league executives, and players across the sports ecosystem: © 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies.

eSports comps are of normally multiplayer games held between pro players, often in a large stadium. The first step to building this key demographic base is understanding their needs, Wallis said. Observer Sport Monthly meets the pioneers, spots the trends and makes some bold predictions, As the end of the year approaches, we want to hear what you hope the next 10 years will bring. It's true, what they say: The future is now. That’s not that much fun,” she said.

“Eye movement as a performance measure — you’re going to see that blow up, just like data analytics has blown up. Beyond just rethinking the ticket purchasing process, teams are also retooling the foundation of the gameday experience via mobile devices. Future of sport .

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