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I enjoyed each of their stories and consistently tried to pick up the same riders to get to know them more. Many riders have interesting interactions with each other. [1][2] Rock, Paper, Shotgun and GameInformer both found the ending underwhelming. It’s Paula Rogers, Writing Lead and Story Editor for the game.

The second time you meet Agonon, he’s stressed due to the success of the cult and the shame he’s feeling for being proud of it. Lina’s mood will depend on dialogue options you can pick. Early in the game, you get an item called Feelgrid, which is basically a mood ring.

[2]. While the game isn’t sappy enough to have Agonon change on the spot, Lina’s effect on him is apparent and it’s a touching bit of real human connection. They’re just programmed to say what you want to hear”) but these moments also serve to ground the characters and make them feel like real people rather than just delivery methods for whatever issue the writer wanted to tackle. While it might seem like none of your choices matter, the riders will give you a rating at drop off. Well, here’s one approach we took on Neo Cab. She also gives her a FeelGrid, a smartwatch-like device that displays a color corresponding to the emotions that the wearer is feeling. I'm...not really sure on the final score here. The characters are excellent, the world is fascinating, and following Lina as she interacts with citizens of Los Ojos is entertaining. When they struggle to find a balance between trying to be a good person and being insufferable about social issues, or feel guilty about indulging in Capra’s offerings, it resonates and makes the world feel that much more plausible. Neo Cab: A rideshare with some bumps in the road. Lina had previously been fired by Capra after they replaced their rideshare with driverless cars. When Savy suddenly disappears, Lina must use her limited contacts in the city to solve the mystery. Set in an unspecified time in the future, Neo Cab stars Lina Romero as she moves to the city of Los Ojos to reunite with her childhood best friend Savy. The game opens with Lina moving from her hometown, Cactus Flats, to the technological metropolis Los Ojos. Where Neo Cab excels is its character and world building. Get fired by Neo Cab for sustaining an imperfect rating. Had Neo Cab been about the human element of being a rideshare driver, I think it would be a game talked about for years to come. Aganon is a worshipper of Metawopian the Pain Worm, a ravenous, subterranean worm that feeds on pain and misery, and he's recently founded a new chapter of his cult in the city. Most visual novels have such good stories, but unless choice is given, can they really be considered as having any gameplay at all? Neo Cab An emotional survival game. The problem is that Savy is missing, and Lina doesn’t know where she is. Destructoid and PC Gamer both pointed out that the game discusses quite a few topics during its short playthrough.

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