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You can browse the available English content via the links below. Below are the COVID-19 colours, based on information from CELEVAL and the FPS Public Health: Select and click on a country or region. After all, from now on, freedom is the rule and what is not allowed is the exception.

in the park or at a restaurant).
Organised sports and now also cultural activities supervised by a person in charge are limited to 20 people in June and 50 people in July, provided that the safety distance is maintained.

Today, Wednesday, June 3, the National Security Council, extended to include the Ministers-President, approved the transition to Phase 3 of the phase-out plan starting on 8 June.

This is an individual right. The Belgian government approved on Friday a second phase of its social and economic protection plan in the context of the Covid-19 crisis, with measures that will bring the total budgetary effort to 8 to 10 billion euro in 2020, according to Minister David Clarinval.

The following documentation is however available in English: Non-residents tax Please consult this advice before ánd during your trip. For example, conflict-related sexual violence mainly affects women, women do not participate in conflicts in the same way or are barely involved in their resolution. Former Minister Inge Vervotte has been appointed by the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres as member of the five-member board of the UN Voluntary Trust Fund for Victims of Trafficking in Persons (UNVTF).

The country gained its independence in 1830 when the provisional government became independent from the Netherlands. In these two industries - but not only those two - the very gradual reopening and associated requirements will make it more difficult to operate at a profit. outside the venue. The call center is closed during weekends and on holidays and bridge days. This does not need to be filled in if you travel by another means of transport and stay in Belgium for less than 48 hours or if you return by another means of transport after a stay abroad of less than 48 hours. At the beginning of summer, an online evaluation tool will be made available for organisers who want to know whether they can organise an event and subject to what conditions. This transparency thus contributes to the fight against the diversion of arms to criminals, terrorists or any unauthorized person.

It is possible to have closer contact with 10 different people every week, in addition to the family members (= extended personal bubble).

Women are given far less opportunity than men to weigh in on decision making during peace talks and reconstruction, so their perspectives and specific needs are often not heard and overlooked. Firstly, the individual behaviour (how should I behave in light of my renewed freedom?) before the start of the health crisis, must also travel with an essential travel certificate (original).

Large-scale mass events, on the other hand, will remain prohibited until 31 August, as previously announced. To the day 20 years ago, the UN Security Council unanimously adopted the landmark resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security.

At the federal and regional level, in addition to extending or adapting the generic measures to support the economy, we are currently working on a series of specific measures to help certain industries.

are prohibited until 1 August and may then be resumed gradually. Wearing a mask is recommended at all times. Additional precautions should be taken for people belonging to a high-risk group. As Belgian statistical office, we strive every day to produce reliable and high-quality statistics. The travel information is provided on an advice basis only and is not binding.

Those who cannot respect the safety distance have to wear a mouth mask.

In line with the EU recommendation of 30 June 2020 regarding the gradual reopening of the external borders, the Belgian government decided on the advice of CELEVAL to allow non-essential travel to Belgium again for residents of the countries listed below. By doing so, the Security Council recognized that armed conflict has a different impact on women than on men. 1.

They are used by politicians, journalists, researchers, enterprises and citizens.

The industry is allowed to reopen partially.

Our country asks Israel for compensation or restitution for these destructions.

Activities should be organised in such a way as to avoid gatherings of too many people, e.g.

Swimming pools, saunas and wellness centres have to remain closed at this stage. This only increased during the COVID-19 pandemic, as the demand for such products has increased exponentially. The report indicates that Belgian development cooperation has made significant progress in a number of areas.

11/04/2020 Additional socio-economic and health measures in the fight against covid-19Additional socio-economic and health measures in the fight against covid-19

This implies a radical change in approach compared to the rules that have been in force so far.

To take a look at them, visit our website. If so, please call +32 (0)800 14 689 or send an e-mail to . Click on the country or region where you are staying to find out what the conditions are when you return to Belgium. As Prime Minister of Belgium I would like to congratulate Mr. Biden on his victory and I wish him success with his upcoming mandate as President of one of the world’s largest and oldest democracies.A record number of people have cast their vote in this election.

Today, Wednesday, June 3, the National Security Council, extended to include the Ministers-President, approved the transition to Phase 3 of the phase-out plan starting on 8 June.

The experts have therefore given the green light to start this new phase.

At this moment the content of this website is mainly available in the languages Dutch and French.

Changing rooms and showers will still not be accessible. As far as sports facilities are concerned, the protocols will also have to be followed. Leisure and free time activities are permitted from 8 June, except for conferences, amusement parks and indoor playgrounds, which may only be reopened from 1 July. Where necessary, rooms should be adequately ventilated. You can watch the press conference again here:, Copyright © 2020 Belgian Federal Government, Measures taken by the National Security Council of 3 June 2020, All useful links can be found here by theme, instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. The borders, names and characters on this map in no way imply formal acceptance or recognition thereof by the Kingdom of Belgium. The call centre of the Foreign Affairs crisis centre can be reached at +32 (0)2 501 4000 on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Belgian time).

Transit is possible, by any means of transport, without conditions or measures upon arrival in Belgium, including travel through red zones. Contact sports (e.g. The main features of this protocol include: From 8 June, cultural activities may resume without an audience present. In addition to these exceptions, all other hospitality establishments such as cafes, bars and restaurants will reopen according to a very precise protocol. Gatherings (e.g.

In July, 1,065 tonnes of fish were landed by Belgian vessels and sold in Belgian ports.

For a short stay in Belgium, the traveller subject to visa requirements must hold a valid C visa. Religious worship or gatherings may be resumed on 8 June, subject to, inter alia, the following rules: From 8 June, it will be possible to travel inside of Belgium with trips lasting one or more days.

In particular... Statbel, the Belgian statistical office, publishes today in its Datalab the figures on VAT-registered enterprises, with provisional results... Today we celebrate World Statistics Day. The City of Brussels has taken several decisions in order to best respect the measures of the federal government in the fight against the coronavirus (Covid-19). As the daily reporting from the health authorities shows, the health indicators are encouraging. To know the situation in the country of destination, it is therefore advisable to consult the website of the FPS Foreign Affairs. However, depending on their answers to the self-assessment questionnaire attached to the Passenger Locator Form, they may be required to comply with a quarantine extended to 10 days. specific rules for a sector - have been defined yet. Visit the Embassy of Belgium website for the most current visa information. Globally, the most vulnerable are the first to suffer.

Sporting and now also cultural activities that are organized and supervised by a person in charge are limited to 20 people in June and 50 people in July, subject to safety distances. They are used by politicians, journalists, researchers, enterprises and citizens. The Tenth Conference of the Parties (COP10) to the United Nations Convention on Transnational Organized Crime (UNTOC) adopted a Belgian resolution aimed at combating the manufacturing and trafficking of falsified medical products.

Travellers should be aware that new COVID-19 outbreaks abroad can greatly affect their trip and that repatriation cannot be guaranteed if commercial flights are suspended or borders closed. The production of winter wheat decreased by 11 % and that of winter barley by 17 %. The Directorate-general Coordination and European Affairs, Services to the citizens and European training, The International Organisation of La Francophonie (OIF). All organised activities are resumed, unless the restart is planned in another phase, with protocols that protect both users and staff.

Cultural and leisure activities have to be organised in such a way as to avoid large gatherings.

This new approach must be understood at two levels.
village fairs, village festivals, etc.) The conditions for travel outside of Europe have yet to be defined in light of the evolution of discussions at European level.

As far as banqueting and reception halls are concerned, they will be allowed to operate with a maximum of 50 people present, subject to the same conditions as catering.

Interministerial Committee for Host Nation Policy, Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp, Belgium condemns demolitions in the occupied Palestinian Territories, Belgian development cooperation receives good grades from the OECD, Meryame Kitir stresses the importance of conflict prevention during Security Council open debate, Belgium reaffirms its commitment to Women, Peace and Security on the 20th anniversary of the landmark UN resolution, Trade in military equipment becomes more transparent with European database, Meryame Kitir announces EUR 8 million in additional humanitarian aid to the Sahel, Belgium at the forefront of the fight against the trade in falsified medical products, Inge Vervotte appointed as member of the board of the UN Fund for Victims of Trafficking in Persons, Foreign embassies and consulates in Belgium, Legalisation by the competent Belgian authority, P0.0: Coordination and General Management, General information note Host Nation Policy, Intergovernmental organizations with seat or representation in Belgium, Practical suggestions for Belgians living in the United Kingdom.

Gaming halls (e.g. It examines the way in which OECD-DAC members comply with their international obligations and encourages them to integrate the best practices of other members into their own operations.

Coronavirus crisis: impact on Statbel’s statistical production. Below are the COVID-19 colours, based on information from CELEVAL and the FPS Public Health: Red: - The Belgian authorities strongly discourage travel to this zone; or

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